Friday, November 21, 2008

What Can We Do With Blog?

Some people want to blog when they saw blogging is interesting and beneficial. Somehow they don't really have all the ideas. Lets discuss what we can do with blogs. Why need to think so hard? Just write about what you know most, what you are best at, or what is your interest. It is everything from arts, entertainment, gossips, automotive, politics, anything. It's your idea and you better stick to it. If you have other ideas, create another blog.

I can see that most people use their blog like a personal notes or diary. Some use as a place to shout their feelings and some use to condemn the government. I use blogs to show my arts, to post my thoughts about anything, to teach and most important is to make money.

Why don't just write our ideas in books or paper? Blogging is for sharing. Somehow our ideas might interest someone and become great benefit to us. Other people can help us with our projects by giving comments and ideas. We can also link ourselves with people that have same interest like us. By doing this, we can help each others to benefit in any field that we like.


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