Friday, November 21, 2008

Easiest Way to Online Your Idea

Before blog or web log start to popular, people put their ideas online by making websites. People with great idea can became instant millionaires such as e-bay, myspace, friendster, etc. Making a website is not too hard but requires some knowledge of software, programming and also need site hosting to make them online. Most people don't like this because they wanted to express their ideas instantly. A few years ago I tried making website but the process took a very long time until all my ideas gone away. The problem was when making website, we need to think of layouts, contents and graphics. Working with these alone will not be a good idea.

Thanks to Blogger, Wordpress, Bloglines, etc, now everybody can write to the internet right away. The only requirement is registration and ideas. From time to time, these people can learn a little about html or css codes that they might use to make their blogs interesting. I don't really know when blogging start to get attention but I believe in 2001, I never heard of the word "blog". That was when i started to make a website that until today still not completed. A lot of effort i've put to make the website including learing to use some software such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and then generating some concept layouts to make the site interesting. In the end, the actual ideas for the contents has lost and everythings halted.

Blogging is very interesting because a lot of the contents or add-ons are ready-made we just have to insert them to our blogs with wery little modifications. Some people with better ideas and knowledge about the internet can customly modify these add-ons or maybe make their own so that their blogs are unique. Blogs that are prepared by establised sites such as Blogger, Wordpress, Technorati, etc. are much better because these providers have a lot of users using their services. These users can reach each other very easily and helps making their contents popular. The providers also links with search engines that will helps to make the contents searchable. Each of the providers also have their own advantages that I'll describe later. For now, stay in the topic.


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