Thursday, November 27, 2008

Google Site Submission Took One Week to be Indexed

Just like I wrote in the title, I just checked Google Webmaster Tool and this blog has been indexed by Google but not all the blog contents. But still this is a good news because this means that this blog is search-able in Google if you entered the right keywords.

Ok now one interesting fact that I found last night. If you really know this then share what you got. Last night I've checked the Google Analytics for all my blogs and one of my new blogs (just a week older than this blog), Duan Says... had received it's first visitor from Google Search (search engine). What I really want to share here is that the visitor found the site because of a keyword not even in the meta tags, description, or the title of the blog. The visitor actually searched for a keyword which is in the content of the blog post. The visitor searched for "lychee tak halal" and that keyword is not even in the post title. I tried to search also by using that same keyword and that blog came out in top.

My conclusion is, write a very good contents about something that have less competitor might help your blogs to be in the top position in search engines. Although meta tags and keywords can help a lot, you never write in your blogs just about something related to the keywords you've specified. Different people will search for different things. Search engines are just like a trap to catch visitors but not all of them will fall for our bait.


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