Friday, November 21, 2008

How Blogging Can Make Money?

Blogs, website, feeds, or anything shown in the internet can make money. The methods are advertising, auction, selling-buying, anything else that I don't know. What we are going to focus here is advertising. Advertising company such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Advertlets, Nuffnang, etc can easily provide advertisement for our blogs. Each company have their own advantages so it's up to us to choose. e-bay is an online auction site but still it makes a lot through advertising. Myspace is a networking site but the income is from advertising. is an online store but it also use advertising as a source of income. I don't know about Wikipedia because I don't see any advertisement in the online encyclopedia and right now the site is asking for people to donate.

When sites or blogs have so many visitors per day, the value will increase and some people use this to make money. They just attract visitors until the blog/site value increased and then sell it. You can check the value of your site at People also use blog to sell their personal items or to promote their business because they don't know how to make a website. You can also beg people to donate to you but in this case, your contents should be worthy. Maybe you have a new idea on how to make money from blogging.

What method shall we use to make advertisement pay us good? Put some advertisement in our blog and wait. Of course not. We need visitors that hopefully will click on any of those ads. The more visitors to out site or blog the more chances the ads will be clicked. Therefore it is important to drag visitors to our blogs. How to do it? If our contents are so great and people around the world are so looking for that, we can just write and wait because visitors will automatically found us. But if our contents are not that great as most of the time, we have to advertise ourselves by using the search engine, blog or site listing, tell our friends to tell their friends, or write spam to anybody we don't know (that's not recommended because I believe spamming is against the law).


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