Saturday, November 22, 2008

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Listing our site in the search engine directories can help to increase traffic to our blogs but still not good enough to make our blogs in the top rank. What we really want is when people search some keywords related to our blogs, the top of the list that comes out should be our blogs or site. When this happens, chances of getting a lot of visitors will be high not only because top rank sites are what they will see first but being in the top rank also shows that our blogs or sites are better than others.

One of my blogs is in the top rank in Google Blog Search and Google Image Search but in Google Site Search, it is still no where to be found. That is because the topic and keywords for the blog were specialized and focused to a certain audience and only those people are visiting that blog. The blog cannot be in high rank in site search because there are also a lot of websites that is related to the contents of the blog.

We don't actually need to search deep on how to improve the rank of our site. Google or other service providers already supply some basic tips on how to do this but of course not to the highest level. What I found just now is an article of Google's SEO Starter Guide that include guides to improve our sites' interaction with users and search engines. The article is very useful for beginners of SEO.The article contains a pdf file that tells about basic site optimization such as title, meta tag, url, and links. Google Webmaster Central Blog covers topics of accessibility, crawling and indexing, events, feedback and communication, general tips, products and services, search results, sitemaps, webmaster guidelines and webmaster tools. These topics are important either to increase the site traffic or to optimize the contents of of our blogs or sites.

If you are advance enough, you can edit the HTML codes like being done by SEO professionals and consultants but this is only useful if you really knows how each search engine works. Search engines use crawlers that will scan your sites for keywords, descriptions, links, and contents and integrates them with algorithms that will place the sites on their respective positions. Sites with a lot of links from other sites or backlinks are mostly will have higher rank. These backlinks really helps because if your site have backlinks from higher ranking sites, chances for your site to climb the rank chart will better.

I've found some interesting sites for your further references about SEO and these sites contains a lot of other informations of tools that you might need to optimize your site ranking. Please share if you found other sites that is related to this topics.


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