Saturday, November 29, 2008

Participate In Free Advertising

I had just signed up with Adgridwork, a free advertising site that will help to promote my blog with other sites or blogs that also participated with the same program. The method is anybody who join the program need to put an ads that will display links to other participating sites. This is not the first free advertising program that I've registered. Yesterday I've already join SEO News and put a widget in this blog. The widget will display feeds from all sites or blogs that join SEO News. I'll be looking for more opportunities like these. From these free programs we might not have a rapid increase in our site traffic but still it is very helpful since I am sticking to the objective of not spending any money at least before I make some profit.


Create a Sitemap for Your Blogger Blog

I found a very good posting by Peter Chen of about how to add sitemap to Blogger since we don't have access to Blogger server. If you have submitted your blog to Google Webmaster Tool, you might know what the problem is. If you still not submitted your blog to Google Webmaster Tool, better do it now because that tool really helps to tell Google that your blog exist. In the post, Peter suggested that feed url to be used as the site map because the feed contains all your blog posts. I had just placed my sitemaps and still in pending status right now. I'll post an update to this when/if the sitemap is accepted and see what the results are.

Results for the above actions - Feed url as sitemap:
After a few days I've submitted the feed url as sitemap for my blogs, the results are error messages. The urls are not allowed by Google therefore I believe we don't have to put any sitemap for Blogger blogs. The blogs are already indexed and can be found if people searched for the right items. This means that having no sitemap for Blogger is will not disturb our place in Google.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Google Site Submission Took One Week to be Indexed

Just like I wrote in the title, I just checked Google Webmaster Tool and this blog has been indexed by Google but not all the blog contents. But still this is a good news because this means that this blog is search-able in Google if you entered the right keywords.

Ok now one interesting fact that I found last night. If you really know this then share what you got. Last night I've checked the Google Analytics for all my blogs and one of my new blogs (just a week older than this blog), Duan Says... had received it's first visitor from Google Search (search engine). What I really want to share here is that the visitor found the site because of a keyword not even in the meta tags, description, or the title of the blog. The visitor actually searched for a keyword which is in the content of the blog post. The visitor searched for "lychee tak halal" and that keyword is not even in the post title. I tried to search also by using that same keyword and that blog came out in top.

My conclusion is, write a very good contents about something that have less competitor might help your blogs to be in the top position in search engines. Although meta tags and keywords can help a lot, you never write in your blogs just about something related to the keywords you've specified. Different people will search for different things. Search engines are just like a trap to catch visitors but not all of them will fall for our bait.


Join Affiliates Programs

To make profit other that advertising, we can also enter affiliates programs offered by various companies. Affiliate Programs is like a referral program where you help bring people to fixed sites or products that you linked in your blogs or sites. In Affiliate Programs, you are usually paid in commissions either for every lead to the advertiser, when visitors buy or subscribe to product or service of the advertisers, or sometimes the advertiser also pay you for every click on the ads. You'll be paid highest when there are product or service purchased or subscribed.

I just found several sites that offer free chances to become an affiliate and I'm still looking. Not all the sites offer free registration and some are just links you to an ads loaded sites with no actual contents at all. I had just registered with Commission Junction and the site have loads of advertisers participating in the affiliates program. You can also try eBay Partner Network, Google Affiliates Network, Associates, Apple iTunes Affiliates, Clickbooth, Microsoft Affiliate Network, Avis Rent A Car -Affiliate Partners, Affiliate Junktion, RevenueGateway, or you can just help Spread Firefox to get some freebees.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't Try to Disguise Your Blog Like AdSense Ads

I found a very important post by Alan Liew at It's a really important warning to all Adsense users. If you don't read carefully the terms and conditions when you're signing for Adsense account, you better do it now. Alan Liew had been disallowed to display Adsense ads in his blog because his contents or layout just looks like ads. (As being said by Google). So don't try to fool the visitors in order to have high click rate and especially not Google. Nobody want to be terminated by Google. Try to read more at his page.
Read again the AdSense Term & Conditions especially the Prohibited Uses.


Google's Advice to Bloggers

Just now Kevin Muldoon titled Google Writes Guide For Bloggers. The posting is very new so I believe you should take a look. You can directly go the the Google. The tips are categorized and easy to understand. What's interesting is suggestion on using rich-media contents such as images, animations, and recommendation to use the rss feed.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meta Tag Generator and Checker

Does your site or blog have meta tag? I mean the meta tag that describe your site or blog and helps search engines to find your site. We know the meta tag is important but somehow don't really know how to write it properly especially if we are not really good with html. We can't just write anything because it is a coding and might have syntax error if we make a mistake and will just be a waste of effort.

I just made a meta tag for this blog using the Meta Tag Generator from SEO Chat. All you have to do just entering the keywords that are related to your site and the description in the forms. After a button click, the code is generated and just paste it in the HEAD section of your site or blog.

Somehow hours later i found another Meta Tag Generator by and I use this instead.

I also found a very nice meta tag checker at This meta checker can analyze the relevancy of your meta tags with your page contents and also have ratings for the meta tags either they are good enough. There are also other meta checker at 13 Meta Tag Analysis Tools. The meta checker at SEO Chat and seems useless.


Submit Blog to Blog Listings

Right after I write this post, I'm going to list this blog to some blog listings. Off course not all of them now. I'll start with a list from TopRankBlog. I'll try to submit to 5 site tonight and continue more tomorrow. Right now this blog have not been indexed by Google or any search engines yet so there are no visitors from search engines. Hopefully next week this blog get indexed and somebody might enter this blog through Google or any search engines. I can see that among all the blog listing sites where I've submitted one of my blogs, Blogcatalog is the best because when I search in Google for a keyword related to that blog, a link from Blogcatalog appeared in the second page of the search results followed with the actual link of the blog.


Where is My Page in Google?

Have you ever try typing some keywords that are related to your site in Google and then try to look where your page will be. Clicking Next again and again and if you're fortunate, maybe you'll find your site on page 10 or 35 of the search results. Just now I found this Microsoft Excel file posted in Check your page ranking in Google Search. It is very nice because you just have to type the url of your site or blog and the keyword you like to search for. With a click of a button, the software can determine where your site is in the result page. Thanks to who might be the author of the file.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Get the Best Keywords for your AdSense and AdWords

What is the best keywords for our site or blog? I always use the AdWords Keyword Tool to analyze my blog for the best keywords. You can just enter the URL of your site and the tool will analyze all available keywords and will display the search volume for each keywords either for last month or average. It also display the advertiser competition and average CPC for each keywords. Other options also available. I think this tool is also very important when you want to select or setup and advertisement in AdSense. I use it to select the keywords that have the highest CPC and it really works. I've tried that in one of my blogs and the ads keywords that were chosen from this tool have better CPC rate.

Another tool I just found today is the Google Search-based Keyword Tool. This one is still in Beta and I don't really understand how Google make this instead of having the AdWord Keyword Tool. You can read more from the page or in a posting by If anybody knows the pros and cons of this tool or have better suggestion please share them here.


More on SEO and PageRank

Just now I found several posting about SEO and pagerank that I think worthy for sharing.

30 Tips for Exploding Your Site Traffic from
5 Easy Tips to increase your Google PR from Increase your Google PR
Four Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking by By Scott Buresh
Three Basic Steps to Search Engine Optimization by Alice
Search Engine Optimization Tips - Part One by


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something About Search Engine Ranking and Pagerank

Just now I found some interesting post and I should share this to you. The first is "Updating A Blog Can Damage Its Search Engine Ranking". You can read more about the post by yourself. My theory is when the contents were updated, some important keywords that makes our blog popular might also changes. Try use the site analysis tool to find out what are the important keywords of your blogs. For example, if visitors from search engines came to your blog because of the keyword "money", let that keyword be in the front page of your blog. Also in the title, meta tag and description. Also make sure the main keywords will last forever and people will always search for them. This is because for my other blog, most of the visitors are from one keyword and after several month, that keyword might have lost its popularity and the number of visitors has decreased a little.

Another interesting posting is from Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, "More Info on PageRank". This posting is kind of Q&A session between Matt and somebody but it is very informative on how to increase site ranking. It something like backlinks, keywords, algorithms.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

What is Money Project Online?

This blog is actually an experiment on how to make money from the internet without spending any. From the date when this blog was published, I'm observing on the amount of visitors that visit this blog everyday and I will discuss about the trend of visit either the number of visitors are increasing or decreasing. I will also discuss on the favorite pages or topics that visitors view in this blog. I use Google Analytics and Yahoo's MyBlogLog to gather these data. Although there are many other services available for us to get the site statistics, I prefer Google Analytics because it is easier to access because i'm using Blogger and I can set some goals that I want this blog to achieve.

What I shall monitor about this blog? Pageviews, visitors, locations, outgoing clicks, referrals, and the favorite topics in this blog. I shall focus on the amount of new and returning visitors, referrals and the favorite topics. What else? Revenue. I shall report something about the revenue of this blog as it progress in time. What else? Any idea?

What I've written or going to write in this blog are all what I'm going to to/with this blog. Until now, I had listed this blog in some search engines directories. I haven't post it in any blog directories yet. If i found some interesting posting in other blog, I'll write a real comment that tells my opinion and at the same time will place a link to this blog. I shall make this blog a diary of this blog and let you see what happen through the life of this blog.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Listing our site in the search engine directories can help to increase traffic to our blogs but still not good enough to make our blogs in the top rank. What we really want is when people search some keywords related to our blogs, the top of the list that comes out should be our blogs or site. When this happens, chances of getting a lot of visitors will be high not only because top rank sites are what they will see first but being in the top rank also shows that our blogs or sites are better than others.

One of my blogs is in the top rank in Google Blog Search and Google Image Search but in Google Site Search, it is still no where to be found. That is because the topic and keywords for the blog were specialized and focused to a certain audience and only those people are visiting that blog. The blog cannot be in high rank in site search because there are also a lot of websites that is related to the contents of the blog.

We don't actually need to search deep on how to improve the rank of our site. Google or other service providers already supply some basic tips on how to do this but of course not to the highest level. What I found just now is an article of Google's SEO Starter Guide that include guides to improve our sites' interaction with users and search engines. The article is very useful for beginners of SEO.The article contains a pdf file that tells about basic site optimization such as title, meta tag, url, and links. Google Webmaster Central Blog covers topics of accessibility, crawling and indexing, events, feedback and communication, general tips, products and services, search results, sitemaps, webmaster guidelines and webmaster tools. These topics are important either to increase the site traffic or to optimize the contents of of our blogs or sites.

If you are advance enough, you can edit the HTML codes like being done by SEO professionals and consultants but this is only useful if you really knows how each search engine works. Search engines use crawlers that will scan your sites for keywords, descriptions, links, and contents and integrates them with algorithms that will place the sites on their respective positions. Sites with a lot of links from other sites or backlinks are mostly will have higher rank. These backlinks really helps because if your site have backlinks from higher ranking sites, chances for your site to climb the rank chart will better.

I've found some interesting sites for your further references about SEO and these sites contains a lot of other informations of tools that you might need to optimize your site ranking. Please share if you found other sites that is related to this topics.


Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Attract Visitors to Our Site

Attracting visitors is very important to make our content reach a lot of people especially when we are selling something through our blog and to increase our profit from advertising. We would also want people to comment on our writings, ideas, or artworks. I have a blog about my artworks and i always want people to comment about the artworks so that I can improve myself. There are various way to promote our site and attract visitors. What I can write here are just the methods that I know. Feel free to share if you want to.

Search engine listing is the easiest way and I think it's worthy. Most of visitors to 1 of my blogs came from search engine and they are from around the world. What I just found yesterday is dmoz that will automatically put our site to some internet search engine. We can also manually put our blogs to search engine directories. For Google, we can either put our site in Google Directories or at a little hidden place here because I can't find this anywhere in and only found this through Google support pages. Yahoo offer several listing option that include free and paid services here or you can submit site feed here. I don't really sure about listing in MSN because it seems like requiring registration and I don't want to that for now. It is also because using the dmoz listing can also put our site to MSN (I believe).

Another way is by using blog listing sites which functions almost like the regular search engines but mostly focused on blogs only. These sites allow our blogs to be listed for either free, with reciprocal link exchange, pinging service or paid. Reciprocal link exchange means that we have to put a link to their site in our blogs. Pinging is a process of notifying servers that our contents are updated. You can check the list of these site here at

The other ways include leaving comments on other blogs or forums that are related to our blogs. Leaving comments is a very good way of promoting our blog because through this, we can also make a connection with authors of other blogs and exchange ideas, informations, and links. I hope we can do a lot of this. Why exchanging links is important? Reciprocal links or backlinks really helps to increase our ranking in the search engine and also increase the value of our blogs. Those links are important because they can bring visitors of other sites to ours.

Using advertisement such as Google Adwords and other services to popularize blogs really pays up but we'll also have to pay to use it. I don't want to use this method because the purpose of this blog is to make money online without spending any. Of course the internet and electricity bills are not counted. You can also tell you friend and ask them to tell their friend or use the social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, etc. This method is quite good actually but don't spam. Spam not good.


How Blogging Can Make Money?

Blogs, website, feeds, or anything shown in the internet can make money. The methods are advertising, auction, selling-buying, anything else that I don't know. What we are going to focus here is advertising. Advertising company such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Advertlets, Nuffnang, etc can easily provide advertisement for our blogs. Each company have their own advantages so it's up to us to choose. e-bay is an online auction site but still it makes a lot through advertising. Myspace is a networking site but the income is from advertising. is an online store but it also use advertising as a source of income. I don't know about Wikipedia because I don't see any advertisement in the online encyclopedia and right now the site is asking for people to donate.

When sites or blogs have so many visitors per day, the value will increase and some people use this to make money. They just attract visitors until the blog/site value increased and then sell it. You can check the value of your site at People also use blog to sell their personal items or to promote their business because they don't know how to make a website. You can also beg people to donate to you but in this case, your contents should be worthy. Maybe you have a new idea on how to make money from blogging.

What method shall we use to make advertisement pay us good? Put some advertisement in our blog and wait. Of course not. We need visitors that hopefully will click on any of those ads. The more visitors to out site or blog the more chances the ads will be clicked. Therefore it is important to drag visitors to our blogs. How to do it? If our contents are so great and people around the world are so looking for that, we can just write and wait because visitors will automatically found us. But if our contents are not that great as most of the time, we have to advertise ourselves by using the search engine, blog or site listing, tell our friends to tell their friends, or write spam to anybody we don't know (that's not recommended because I believe spamming is against the law).


What Can We Do With Blog?

Some people want to blog when they saw blogging is interesting and beneficial. Somehow they don't really have all the ideas. Lets discuss what we can do with blogs. Why need to think so hard? Just write about what you know most, what you are best at, or what is your interest. It is everything from arts, entertainment, gossips, automotive, politics, anything. It's your idea and you better stick to it. If you have other ideas, create another blog.

I can see that most people use their blog like a personal notes or diary. Some use as a place to shout their feelings and some use to condemn the government. I use blogs to show my arts, to post my thoughts about anything, to teach and most important is to make money.

Why don't just write our ideas in books or paper? Blogging is for sharing. Somehow our ideas might interest someone and become great benefit to us. Other people can help us with our projects by giving comments and ideas. We can also link ourselves with people that have same interest like us. By doing this, we can help each others to benefit in any field that we like.


Easiest Way to Online Your Idea

Before blog or web log start to popular, people put their ideas online by making websites. People with great idea can became instant millionaires such as e-bay, myspace, friendster, etc. Making a website is not too hard but requires some knowledge of software, programming and also need site hosting to make them online. Most people don't like this because they wanted to express their ideas instantly. A few years ago I tried making website but the process took a very long time until all my ideas gone away. The problem was when making website, we need to think of layouts, contents and graphics. Working with these alone will not be a good idea.

Thanks to Blogger, Wordpress, Bloglines, etc, now everybody can write to the internet right away. The only requirement is registration and ideas. From time to time, these people can learn a little about html or css codes that they might use to make their blogs interesting. I don't really know when blogging start to get attention but I believe in 2001, I never heard of the word "blog". That was when i started to make a website that until today still not completed. A lot of effort i've put to make the website including learing to use some software such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and then generating some concept layouts to make the site interesting. In the end, the actual ideas for the contents has lost and everythings halted.

Blogging is very interesting because a lot of the contents or add-ons are ready-made we just have to insert them to our blogs with wery little modifications. Some people with better ideas and knowledge about the internet can customly modify these add-ons or maybe make their own so that their blogs are unique. Blogs that are prepared by establised sites such as Blogger, Wordpress, Technorati, etc. are much better because these providers have a lot of users using their services. These users can reach each other very easily and helps making their contents popular. The providers also links with search engines that will helps to make the contents searchable. Each of the providers also have their own advantages that I'll describe later. For now, stay in the topic.


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