Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something About Search Engine Ranking and Pagerank

Just now I found some interesting post and I should share this to you. The first is "Updating A Blog Can Damage Its Search Engine Ranking". You can read more about the post by yourself. My theory is when the contents were updated, some important keywords that makes our blog popular might also changes. Try use the site analysis tool to find out what are the important keywords of your blogs. For example, if visitors from search engines came to your blog because of the keyword "money", let that keyword be in the front page of your blog. Also in the title, meta tag and description. Also make sure the main keywords will last forever and people will always search for them. This is because for my other blog, most of the visitors are from one keyword and after several month, that keyword might have lost its popularity and the number of visitors has decreased a little.

Another interesting posting is from Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, "More Info on PageRank". This posting is kind of Q&A session between Matt and somebody but it is very informative on how to increase site ranking. It something like backlinks, keywords, algorithms.


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