Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Blog Traffic Increased 4533.33 Percent

Don't believe me? Believe it. That is my traffic increase percentage compared to last month. This blog has just reached a month old therefore Google Analytics has able to produce a monthly comparison for the visitor rate. The value is high just because it is compared to the first day this blog was published which might only have 1 or 2 visitors. I'll post similar post like this at the start of each month.


Monday, December 22, 2008

I've Changed The Colors

I know black background is not good enough to be a successful blog but somehow I wonder about my new colors. Does the red is too bright? I still use the same template and only changes the colors. Is it better than the previous black?


Sunday, December 21, 2008

What To Do With Your New Blogs

1. Submit URL to search engines

To make sure people find your blog from search engines, you'll need to submit your blog url to them. By doing this, you'll let them know that your blog exist and their web crawlers will "crawl" or scan your blog. Without these url submission, your blog might still be searchable by search engines but only after some period of time and will not be worthy for an updated blog contents.

MSN Live Search

2. Enlist in Directories

Some search engines share common open directory listing such as the Dmoz. Some search engines offer their own directories where will definitely get your blogs indexed in their search engines. These tools or directories will also scan your blogs and show statistics about your blogs, pages that link the blogs, or search engine optimization analysis for your blogs. Submitting to these directories are better than just submitting your url because these directories let the search engines know every pages of your blogs.

Yahoo Directories
Google Webmasters Tool
Live Search Webmaster Center

3. Join Communities

These communities will help your to optimize your blogs, write better contents, manage better layouts, and most important is help bring traffic to your blogs. Millions of people join these communities and all of them rely on each other to make their blog more successful. There are many groups in each communities that you can join that might be related to your blogs.


4. Submit to Blog Listings

This method is quite similar to submitting your blog to search engines. The difference is blog listings are focused to blogs only and blogs are categorised for easier search or browsing. Some blog listings really bring visitors to your blogs.

Globe of Blog

5. Manage RSS Feed

Create or manage your rss feed and let readers to subscribe. Feed management is very important because not everybody can open your blog pages everyday to read your post. By using rss feed, you can notify readers about your new post through email or any feed readers.


6. Get Statistics of Your Blogs

View stats of your blogs so that you'll know how visitors find your blogs and where they came from. These tools will help you to optimize your blogs by showing you a lot of data including search keywords and clicks on your blogs.

Google Analytics
Blog Counter

7. Tell Friends

Utilize the social networks that you've joined to let people know about your blogs. Most of loyal readers are friends so just don't blow this advantages.


8. Join Related Forums

Join forums related to your blog contents where you can discuss a lot of information about the future of your blogs.

Webmasters Talk
Warrior Forum

9. Submit Your Blog Articles To Social Bookmarking

Millions of users are using social bookmarking because it can relate similar articles or categories and also suggest you article you might be interested to read. These also a secure place to keep your bookmark and you can access them anywhere from different computers.


10. Find related blogs and link with them.

Use all the sources you can find to search for similar blogs and make friends with the authors.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Put Advertisement in Blogs

This post is just for people who don’t know that they can make money from their blogs or maybe want to monetize their blogs but don’t know the sources or what type of ads that can be used. In other words, this post is not for a web-savvy person and I’ve seen a lot of personal blogs which some of them have high traffic and pagerank but no advertising or maybe just one advertisement. Some advertising companies will make offer to advertise in our blogs when they found out that our blog have many unique visitors per day but it might take a very long time for that offer to come. For those who don’t get the offer, some of them might never know that they can generate some cash by writing their blogs. What I’m going to do here is to explain some term in advertising that we should know and list some advertising services that can easily help you make money from blogging.

Important Terms You Should Know:

Publishers – Blog owners that want to put ads in their blogs are called publishers because they are the one that publish the blog.
Advertisers – Any party who want to advertise their products, website, blogs, etc. through advertising networks
Cost Per Click (CPC) – The cost paid by advertiser to ads networks for every click on their advertisement
Pay Per Click (PPC) – The amount paid to publishers for each click on an advertisement which varies depending on the ads value and ads networks.
Cost Per 1000 Impression (CPM) – Cost paid by advertisers to ads networks for every 1000 impressions of their advertisement.
Pay Per 1000 Impression (PPM) – Amount received by publishers for every 1000 impressions of an advertisement
Impression - Number of time an advertisement had been shown on a page.
Click Through Ratio (CTR) - Impressions divided by the number of clicks over a set time period
Return On Investment (ROI) - The sales minus investment divided by the investment. Especially if you are both an advertiser and a publisher
Pageview – Number of pages viewed in a blog or website. One visitor who view three pages will generate 3 pageview at a time
Visits - Number of times anyone has viewed the site
Unique visitors - Visitors from different IP addresses that are important for advertisement

List of Advertising Networks You Can Easily Use:

Google Adsense – Keyword based PPC text ads network that also offers image ads. The text ads displayed on a page depends on the keywords available on that page while publishers can customize the ads categories. Minimum payout to publishers is USD100 and available through Western Union Money Transfer up to USD2999 or via check for amount more than USD2999.
BidVertiser – Similar to Google Adsense but offers lower minimum payout which makes it a better option if you want to be paid fast. Minimum payout is USD10 to be paid via PayPal or USD50 via check.
Adbrite – Ad network that offer text and image ads similar to Adsense or in-line ads where some keywords in the blog post were turned to be temporary ads links. There is also option to have full page ads for returning visitors only.
Yahoo Publisher Network – Yahoo’s version of Adsense
Microsoft AdCenter – Microsoft’s version of Adsense
Nuffnang – Malaysian ads network that shows image ads of various sizes. Minimum payout is RM50 via check.

Other Ad Networks:

Kontera – PPC in-content links where blog post keywords are changed to temporary ads links.
Text Link Ads – Shows ads links just like all other links in your blogs. This ads can also helps to increase your pagerank
TTZ Media - Product based PPC ads suitable for shopping or product related blogs
Chitika – Product based PPC ad network
WidgetBucks – Product based PPC ad network

Video Advertising:

Captain Ad – Captain Ad places advertisements before embedded videos of any popular video sharing websites like YouTube, megavideo and so on. Captain Ad is paying for this ad format to webmasters a CPM of 1.00 USD. The integration is very easy as well.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Check Do-Follow Links Toolbar

A friend of mine wrote in his about a very nice toolbar that can show you all the do-follow or no-follow links on a page. The tool is SeoQuake Toolbar that can also show PageRank, Google index, Yahoo index, MSN index, Alexa rank, page age, check whois, view source, check robot.txt, check sitemap, view in/out links and a lot of other tool including Technorati index. Check it out. You'll love the tool.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monetize Immediately or Later?

You might read somewhere to write a lot of post, get many visitors, do seo, listing, optimize template or whatever when you just started a blog. Then when everything are done you can focus on monetizing your blog with advertising. I don't do that. I start monetizing all my blogs immediately. I put ads in my blogs right on the first day. Most of them. Following an advice from Carl Ocab. This is because even if you only have one or two visitors per day, they might click on your ads and make you money. Imagine the waste if you wait long enough before monetizing your blogs. Don't waste a single cent. Do it now.


Friday, December 12, 2008

SEO really works

It's been 6 month when I started to write my first blog, but I have not done any SEO to the blog until few weeks ago. In the end of November I listed all my blogs in Google Webmaster Tool and about 2 weeks ago in Yahoo Site Explorer. Before this, all visitors from search engines came from Google. Today, some visitors came from Yahoo and AOL. I'm really happy about this. I can feel that visitors to that blog will increase a little after this. Good for a start. Patience is important :D


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Affiliate Programs You Must Join

After reading advices by some gurus, I make these list of affiliate networks that we should really join.

1. Clickbank - Dedicated to digital products, i.e. products that are available by download.
2. Commission Junction - The top affiliate network for companies that sell physical products like computers, credit cards, clothing, etc. Some of the biggest internet properties in the world have programs here. You can apply for many advertisers of you'll be emailed if an advertiser invite you or want to advertise in your site.
3. BidVertiser - Options for advertiser, publisher, and referer. Make ads to promote your site, or earn money by putting ads to your site, or get paid when referring people and when they make money. BitVertiser offers $20 free advertising for your site. Minimum payment for publishers or referer are $10 for PayPal or $50 for check.
4. Text Link Ads - These ads don't disturb you blog contents and you can exchange your revenue to buy ads on the site with discount.
5. BeFree - Also owned by Commission Junction.
6. LinkShare - Some of the top companies on the web have their programs available here.
7. Dealdotcom - A very good tier program because you are paid forever when people you refer make money or people they refer make money. Recommended by a successful person.

Programs I've Joined

Amazon Affiliate Program - Getting popular currently. A lot of people are buying products from, why don't get something from the purchase.
SFI - An MLM affiliate program that I joined.
Commission Junction
Spread Firefox - Hope to get free T-shirts


Not To Miss SEO Tips

Simple tips that you should not miss are:

1. Put images relevant to your post when ever possible.

A lot of visitors to my CATIA Tutorial Blog are from Google Image Search and this is really true. This is one mistake I've done to this blog because as you can see, my other post in this blog don't really have images with it. Sometimes, even if your site does not have high pagerank, it might be on top in image search. I added here with a proof for this statement.

2. Write updated contents.

Make research on what's currently hot and being talked about. Don't just depend on meta tags or post titles. Most users that came from search engines searched for keywords that are mostly in the post contents. Last night I write something in my other blog. In few hours, somebody Googled that post even it is still not indexed.

3. Write something different.

Write your own contents and be different. If you too lazy to do that and want to copy from others, use different titles and make some minor alterations. It is a common sense where if there are two identical post on two different site, the one that is more famous will get the visitors. I saw some blogs where the author just copy and paste articles of other people. I hate these kind of blogs and I don't feel to visit them again.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Affiliate Program

From my participation in free advertisement had really paid up by bringing some visitors to this blog. There's a quote: You get what you paid for and it's true. The visitors from the free programs are not as much as if you entered AdWords, BitVersiter or any other advertising but it is enough for a start.

I had just entered a new affiliate program, SFI Affiliate Center and I really feels this is a good program. The person who refered this program to me had already made some money from it. I really hope after a month I could see some extra income from this program. Check the program at


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Comparison of PageRank, Traffic Rank, and Pageviews

I've made a research about PageRank and found out these data. Data are estimations obtained from

Site--PageRank--Traffic Rank-------Backlinks--Daily Pageview--Daily Ads Revenue------------------Net Worth

What I can say is better to have high traffic rank than pagerank to have high revenue for your site.


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