Saturday, November 22, 2008

What is Money Project Online?

This blog is actually an experiment on how to make money from the internet without spending any. From the date when this blog was published, I'm observing on the amount of visitors that visit this blog everyday and I will discuss about the trend of visit either the number of visitors are increasing or decreasing. I will also discuss on the favorite pages or topics that visitors view in this blog. I use Google Analytics and Yahoo's MyBlogLog to gather these data. Although there are many other services available for us to get the site statistics, I prefer Google Analytics because it is easier to access because i'm using Blogger and I can set some goals that I want this blog to achieve.

What I shall monitor about this blog? Pageviews, visitors, locations, outgoing clicks, referrals, and the favorite topics in this blog. I shall focus on the amount of new and returning visitors, referrals and the favorite topics. What else? Revenue. I shall report something about the revenue of this blog as it progress in time. What else? Any idea?

What I've written or going to write in this blog are all what I'm going to to/with this blog. Until now, I had listed this blog in some search engines directories. I haven't post it in any blog directories yet. If i found some interesting posting in other blog, I'll write a real comment that tells my opinion and at the same time will place a link to this blog. I shall make this blog a diary of this blog and let you see what happen through the life of this blog.


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