Saturday, November 29, 2008

Create a Sitemap for Your Blogger Blog

I found a very good posting by Peter Chen of about how to add sitemap to Blogger since we don't have access to Blogger server. If you have submitted your blog to Google Webmaster Tool, you might know what the problem is. If you still not submitted your blog to Google Webmaster Tool, better do it now because that tool really helps to tell Google that your blog exist. In the post, Peter suggested that feed url to be used as the site map because the feed contains all your blog posts. I had just placed my sitemaps and still in pending status right now. I'll post an update to this when/if the sitemap is accepted and see what the results are.

Results for the above actions - Feed url as sitemap:
After a few days I've submitted the feed url as sitemap for my blogs, the results are error messages. The urls are not allowed by Google therefore I believe we don't have to put any sitemap for Blogger blogs. The blogs are already indexed and can be found if people searched for the right items. This means that having no sitemap for Blogger is will not disturb our place in Google.


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