Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Attract Visitors to Our Site

Attracting visitors is very important to make our content reach a lot of people especially when we are selling something through our blog and to increase our profit from advertising. We would also want people to comment on our writings, ideas, or artworks. I have a blog about my artworks and i always want people to comment about the artworks so that I can improve myself. There are various way to promote our site and attract visitors. What I can write here are just the methods that I know. Feel free to share if you want to.

Search engine listing is the easiest way and I think it's worthy. Most of visitors to 1 of my blogs came from search engine and they are from around the world. What I just found yesterday is dmoz that will automatically put our site to some internet search engine. We can also manually put our blogs to search engine directories. For Google, we can either put our site in Google Directories or at a little hidden place here because I can't find this anywhere in and only found this through Google support pages. Yahoo offer several listing option that include free and paid services here or you can submit site feed here. I don't really sure about listing in MSN because it seems like requiring registration and I don't want to that for now. It is also because using the dmoz listing can also put our site to MSN (I believe).

Another way is by using blog listing sites which functions almost like the regular search engines but mostly focused on blogs only. These sites allow our blogs to be listed for either free, with reciprocal link exchange, pinging service or paid. Reciprocal link exchange means that we have to put a link to their site in our blogs. Pinging is a process of notifying servers that our contents are updated. You can check the list of these site here at

The other ways include leaving comments on other blogs or forums that are related to our blogs. Leaving comments is a very good way of promoting our blog because through this, we can also make a connection with authors of other blogs and exchange ideas, informations, and links. I hope we can do a lot of this. Why exchanging links is important? Reciprocal links or backlinks really helps to increase our ranking in the search engine and also increase the value of our blogs. Those links are important because they can bring visitors of other sites to ours.

Using advertisement such as Google Adwords and other services to popularize blogs really pays up but we'll also have to pay to use it. I don't want to use this method because the purpose of this blog is to make money online without spending any. Of course the internet and electricity bills are not counted. You can also tell you friend and ask them to tell their friend or use the social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, etc. This method is quite good actually but don't spam. Spam not good.


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