Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meta Tag Generator and Checker

Does your site or blog have meta tag? I mean the meta tag that describe your site or blog and helps search engines to find your site. We know the meta tag is important but somehow don't really know how to write it properly especially if we are not really good with html. We can't just write anything because it is a coding and might have syntax error if we make a mistake and will just be a waste of effort.

I just made a meta tag for this blog using the Meta Tag Generator from SEO Chat. All you have to do just entering the keywords that are related to your site and the description in the forms. After a button click, the code is generated and just paste it in the HEAD section of your site or blog.

Somehow hours later i found another Meta Tag Generator by Addme.com and I use this instead.

I also found a very nice meta tag checker at MetaChecker.net. This meta checker can analyze the relevancy of your meta tags with your page contents and also have ratings for the meta tags either they are good enough. There are also other meta checker at 13 Meta Tag Analysis Tools. The meta checker at SEO Chat and Addme.com seems useless.


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