Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let Jessica and Angelina Help You

Do you write about gossips or artists. If you do, writing about Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and maybe Britney Spears can really bring traffic to you blogs. This is because those three ladies have been in Yahoo! Buzz Index for more that 2 months. Write something about their pregnancy, breakup or anything and you'll find somebody come to your blog from search engine searching for those women. I don't write about them but I did tried writing about something that was on the Buzz index and readers for that article came within hours.

Instead of Yahoo Buzz, you can also find some topics with Google Trends or any other services. These tool can really help if you are out of topic to write just as I am right now and they can really bring some traffic to your blogs. If you want a boost of traffic, you can simply write the hot topic of today on the Breakout chart. The faster you write about those topics, the more visitors you'll have.


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