Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Display Ads to Get Paid

You can only get something with CPC ads only if there are clicks on your ads. While only high traffic can make CPM ads more profitable than CPC. For low traffic blog, CPC is still the best choice. What if you can have both advantage of CPC and CPM for a single ads? You can with Adgitize. This is because by showing Adgitize ads on your pages, you can have earning for both clicks and impressions of the ads. The more ads you place on your blogs, the more you can earn. Earnings for clicks will surely be higher than impression. Even if there are no ads displayed, you will still earn for every pageview of your ads. That is what we really want. Therefore, if your Adsense or any other CPC ads are not performing well, try Adgitize and you'll like it.

Adgitize also offer you to advertise with really low charge of $14 per month to all their publishers network. Since the publisher network are mostly bloggers, your ads will be displayed on thousand of blogs. There are also option to be affiliate where you'll be paid $5 for every new signing and $2-$5 per advertiser. What is more interesting is the $1 non-expiring monthly commission for every advertiser. Payment are made via PayPal with minimum amount of $10 or $50 via check. Joining Adgitize will really give you a continuous stream of earning. Not to forget the cheap advertising.

Adgitize was founded by Ken Brown to provide an alternative advertising platform for bloggers. A social gathering area in our forum where bloggers can share ideas for blogging, advertising, earning revenues and raise blog traffic growth. Adgitize has a unique point system that translates into real dollars for bloggers with blogs of all sizes big or small.

Update: Another thing I'd like to add.. I am also getting credits every time I write a new post.


Anonymous,  January 20, 2009 at 8:10 AM  

I really like ADgitize as I am making money without too much effort,along with other stuff. I really like the Admin guy too, he is so helpful.

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