Thursday, January 15, 2009

Google Launch It's Own Sitemap Generator

Sitemap is a file that contains links to all your pages. For a website, sitemap is important because during development, you can easily see links from a page to others. You can also check if there are any mistakes in the links. For search engine optimization, search engine crawlers or spiders will usually check sitemap of a site before start to crawl on every single pages. From a sitemap, the crawlers can easily find all the pages on a site from the links in the sitemap. Without a sitemap, all pages of a site cannot be crawled at a time. This usually happens to hosted blogs such as Blogger or Wordpress as we do not have the privillege to control the server. This is why not all the pages of your blogs are indexed by search engines.

Since Google has always encourage people to have sitemap, they have published their own Sitemap Generator Tool that can be downloaded from the site. This free tool can be installed on your server and it will create sitemap for your website. It is different in lot of features when compared to the existing third party sitemap generator tools.

The features of Google Sitemap Generator are as follows
  • Ping to Google Blog Search for new or modified URLs.
  • Generates Mobile Sitemaps for mobile-friendly websites.
  • Generates Code Search Sitemap.
  • Generates XML Sitemap.
  • Find new and modified URLs based on web server’s traffic.


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