Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Advertising With AdlandPro

Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.

If you are interested in free promotion, free advertising, marketing or networking, then maybe you should try AdlandPro. The service has been offering free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 1996. AdlandPro offers either free or affordable advertising solutions for small businesses and home entrepreneurs. For free services, you can do following no cost to you:
  1. Place your free ads in classifieds and community pages ($2.50 value)
  2. Place your free ads in Free Traffic Exchange (120,000 users) ($2.50 value )
  3. Free subscription to "Adland Digest" Newsletter ($5.00 per month value)
  4. Obtain free leads for your business using community system ($5-$10 per lead value)
  5. Earn big money with affiliate program (up to $10,000/month)
  6. Participate in discussions to learn more about marketing and promotions through the Adland Digest ($5.00 per month value)
All those services are offered for free. If they are still not enough for you, paid services are also offered that will guarantee your ads will get the best viewers and click. With paid services, you can have the following:
  1. Renewable ads promotion that will make sure your ads be on top of the search list and never expires
  2. Ads submission to 680,000 search engines
  3. Your ads to appear in every newsletter sent to every members of the service
  4. Paid keyword service that will always make your ads on top of their search service
  5. Free traffic exchange to your site with all the members of the service
By being an affiliates, you'll have better performance for your free ads and you will also receive commission for every traffic you refer, every referrals joined and commission from your referrals earnings. You can also display PPC ads on your blogs with statistics for your ads performances. There are more services offered that will be too much to write here. Just chek it out at


MARKET VALUE January 25, 2009 at 8:26 PM  

Thans 4 tips.. nice 4 you

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