Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free Internet Share Up For Grab

I had just signed up with that is giving free shares just for signing up with the website. The main website of me2everyone has not been launched yet and still in development process. me2everyone Limited was incorporated in England in September 2008. Run by an experienced team and advised by a Global Executive board. The aim is to create one of the most visited websites on the planet by 2012. When the main website to be launched will have language support in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Italian and add other languages upon request.

Any shares on this page will be paid for by the company and partners therefore we never have to pay a single penny for the membership. Later this year the company will open an in-world "trading room" where you can offer your shares for sale to other members. Today they may be worth just their face value £0.001 each.... Tomorrow that value could soar! All we need are members who become involved and the rest will be taken care by the company. The company aims to seek a stock market listing in 2012/13 and to create an income stream from business members who are given a new way of reaching customers. From a financial forecast, share price is estimated to be £0.58 by 2012/13.

Get 1000 unit of shares now just by signing up with Don't forget to put my id number 33310 in the referral box.


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