Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alexa Traffic Rank Update

Today I felt quite happy after playing with the SeoQuake Toolbar. With the toolbar installed, I can see the Alexa, PageRank, indexed page, etc. of all pages I visit. I try to compare my personal blog, Duan Says... with other personal blogs that I visit regularly. I'm happy because although my personal blog is quite new. Only aged more than a month old but already have higher traffic rank than other blogs eventhough they are older than my personal blog. From all blogs that I linked in that blog, only a few have higher traffic rank. That is only because they are very much older and their contents are very good.

What have I done to achieve that? What most important for personal blogs is the chatbox. Chatbox allow you to directly chat with other bloggers and show them the address of your blog. Blogger communities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and maybe The Philipines are very unique. We can easily change links with each other just by asking in the chatbox. We can quickly be friends by using chatboxes on our blog. Chatboxes are also the best place to find links to other blogs because even in a single chatbox, many users leave messages together with their links. For a niche or flagship blog, the use of chatbox might not seems appropriate.

I did also submit 2 post of that personal blog to Digg and StumbleUpon. Eventhough there are not so many visitors from the two services, perhaps that still contribute to my traffic rank. I did also wrote some topics of current event that I read in the news. Those pages did brought some search engine traffic to that blog. For this blog, the traffic rank is already 3939213 and among all my blogs, this blog has the highest traffic rank. This maybe because I did make some contribution in some forums and placed links to this blog in my signature. Recently, Entrecard start to bring some traffic to this blog. The other important traffic highway to all my blogs are BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog. Read What to Do With Your New Blogs for more information on how to increase traffic to your blogs.

My personal blog still have PageRank 0 but the Alexa rank is higher that other personal blogs eventhough they have Pagerank 2 or 3. In previous post, I showed the Pagerank formula that Google use to measure pagerank for a site. What makes me confused is my personal blogs have the most links to other blogs with higher pagerank but still it has Pagerank 0. This blog however, only made link exchange with few blogs, already have Pagerank 1 eventhough it is younger than my personal blog. My artworks blog, which has the slowest traffic also have pagerank 1. I thought by linking to many blogs of higher pagerank could make that blog have higher pagerank quicker. I am still not sure how this blog and my artworks blog have higher pagerank than my personal blog. I will make an update about that soon.


Anonymous,  March 20, 2009 at 5:46 PM  

The journey of Alexa- The Web Information Company has never been a smooth one. Alexa that has been in the scenario almost from the start of the Web had seen immense growth and popularity and then a pretty morbid phase. However, it went back to the drawing board and sketched out new ways to pull back the company to steadiness. Several new innovations and changes have been made to Alexa since the time of its inception partly to stay in sync with the changing times and demands and partly to combat its competitors. As for example, till some time back the popularity of various websites was measured by the data collected from the users of the Alexa toolbar. However, the company went for a change in April 2008. Today other factors, apart from the Alexa toolbar, are also taken into account to determine the popularity and traffic of a given website. However, the point to ponder is that the “other sources” that are determinant of a websites Alexa rankings are not clearly cut out. They are vague and misty. Nevertheless, Alexa is still one of the most credible and powerful players of the web.

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