Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not To Miss SEO Tips

Simple tips that you should not miss are:

1. Put images relevant to your post when ever possible.

A lot of visitors to my CATIA Tutorial Blog are from Google Image Search and this is really true. This is one mistake I've done to this blog because as you can see, my other post in this blog don't really have images with it. Sometimes, even if your site does not have high pagerank, it might be on top in image search. I added here with a proof for this statement.

2. Write updated contents.

Make research on what's currently hot and being talked about. Don't just depend on meta tags or post titles. Most users that came from search engines searched for keywords that are mostly in the post contents. Last night I write something in my other blog. In few hours, somebody Googled that post even it is still not indexed.

3. Write something different.

Write your own contents and be different. If you too lazy to do that and want to copy from others, use different titles and make some minor alterations. It is a common sense where if there are two identical post on two different site, the one that is more famous will get the visitors. I saw some blogs where the author just copy and paste articles of other people. I hate these kind of blogs and I don't feel to visit them again.


networking thin clients December 12, 2008 at 7:00 PM  

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