Thursday, December 11, 2008

Affiliate Programs You Must Join

After reading advices by some gurus, I make these list of affiliate networks that we should really join.

1. Clickbank - Dedicated to digital products, i.e. products that are available by download.
2. Commission Junction - The top affiliate network for companies that sell physical products like computers, credit cards, clothing, etc. Some of the biggest internet properties in the world have programs here. You can apply for many advertisers of you'll be emailed if an advertiser invite you or want to advertise in your site.
3. BidVertiser - Options for advertiser, publisher, and referer. Make ads to promote your site, or earn money by putting ads to your site, or get paid when referring people and when they make money. BitVertiser offers $20 free advertising for your site. Minimum payment for publishers or referer are $10 for PayPal or $50 for check.
4. Text Link Ads - These ads don't disturb you blog contents and you can exchange your revenue to buy ads on the site with discount.
5. BeFree - Also owned by Commission Junction.
6. LinkShare - Some of the top companies on the web have their programs available here.
7. Dealdotcom - A very good tier program because you are paid forever when people you refer make money or people they refer make money. Recommended by a successful person.

Programs I've Joined

Amazon Affiliate Program - Getting popular currently. A lot of people are buying products from, why don't get something from the purchase.
SFI - An MLM affiliate program that I joined.
Commission Junction
Spread Firefox - Hope to get free T-shirts


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