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Why don’t design agencies charge $10?

Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, in any of the case, you need to have a design agency or a set of firms to handle the different marketing and branding tools of your business. However, if your requirement is to properly advertise your business along with other promotional activities, you got to have a professional design/ad agency who would take care of your requirements, but at a very high price. Their minimum price for a logo design only would be a lot more than a freelance logo designer. So the question is why these design agencies charge so much for each of their services?

This is not a very complex question but you need to understand the difference between big design agencies, logo design companies and freelancers. See you have to grasp the fact, the bigger your business is, the bigger agency or a number of agencies it would require to manage its marketing and branding. Typically, design agencies take charge of everything from designing your logo, website, stationery, ad campaigns and negotiate different print, TV, radio and online media rates for you. This can’t be done by a mid-sized design company or if they do offer all the services, they might not end up with satisfying your needs in the best possible manner. Freelancers, on the other hand, are mostly specialized in one or few areas. They can either design your logo, stationery, website or they can handle and design your advertising campaigns. They can’t do all and if they claim they can, I doubt the quality of it.

Now, how much should you, as a business owner spend in designing a logo from either of the three? Remember! Design agencies would always charge your more than others because they possess broader skill sets under one roof. You pay those more to avoid fatigue, you would have to face if you were handling a combination of different firms that look after different areas of marketing, advertising and branding.

Moreover design agencies are always tagged with high price for a logo because they are:

  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Accountable
  • Renowned and reliable
  • Capable of handling large number of accounts
  • Loaded with professional logo designers and high quality logo concepts
  • Equipped with broader skill set
  • Secure to work with
  • Frequently available for face to face meetings

Of course if design agencies charge you more, there has to have the above mentioned reasons behind it. They must have a reputable name in the design industry, gained through years of experience and professionalism. They must have shown reliability to their clients and have produced high quality logo designs which later on got successful and converted into big brands with remarkable identity. Unlike freelance designers, they occupy a physical workplace to accommodate a bunch of creative designers or even more to come up with the best logo concepts for their clients. The software they use costs them thousands of dollars, the computers, the stationery etc.

However, if you are a small business owner, my suggestion would be to hire an online logo design company, who specializes in custom logo designs. You will find so many options of logo design companies for your logo that you have to be very critical in evaluating them and finalizing the best one for your logo project. These logo design companies offer different packages to choose from according to your budget and requirements. They are similar to design agencies, but they are specialized in fewer services, mostly in logo, stationery and website designs.

To end it all, I would say if you are a bigger company with huge budgets set for different marketing and branding activities, go for an agency because an agency is capable of handling all your requirements under one single roof. However, if you are a small business and need to have a logo to start off with, the best option to go with is an online logo design company, who would provide you with different package options to choose from. But in any case, you need to evaluate the quality of their work by checking out their design galleries and references, because sometimes even paying thousands of dollars don’t get you satisfying results.


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