Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Review Payment

Today I've received my first payment for a review from Blogsvertise. It about a month after a review was approve before receiving the payment. Blogsvertise is different than other paid post programs because they offer authors or bloggers to write about a certain topic instead of letting bloggers to apply for themselves. This feature reduce the competition for popular topics but bloggers will have to wait until they are selected to write for a topic. After my review was approved, I checked the Blogsvertise website and they have stated they date I'm going to receive my payment. Today I received the payment to my Paypal account just as they had promised. So I don't think it is a scam or what others might say. The difference is only how they manage the service.

I did read some forum threads claiming that it is a scam or they have not paid the bloggers' earnings. The threads that claimed they didn't receive any payments were dated from 2006 to 2007. Maybe Blogsvertise had upgraded their service and realise their mistakes. Hopefully the problem won't happen to me or anybody in the future. Somebody did claim that his post was rejected twice even after modification. Article quality and advertiser's demand are always something to take care about when writing a review. As for now, I still don't have any issue with Blogsvertise and I just hope more opportunities will come to me in the future.


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