Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lose Your Readers by Changing Your Blog Name

I've learned a precious lesson today. Changing your blog or website name will automatically loose your readers from search engines. Eventhough your blog is in the top ranking for a certain niche, once you change the name, the blog will fall to probably the last page of the search results. It will take a long time for the blog to climb back to the first page unless you can do some magic and there are no other sites are challenging you for the same niche or keywords. I am so regretful right now as one of my blog which is usually having a constant amount of search engine visitors is now nowhere to be found for it's top keyword. What I did was just modifying the name a little. I really need to do some magic to push the blog back to it's proud position in the first page of the search results.

The blog still have acceptable amount of visitors from referral links but loosing search engine visitors is something that we should really avoid. These search engine visitors are those that make your blog profitable. Today I only manage to get 1 click on my ads on that blog. What a disaster. I learned this the hard way so you should always be careful about this. Maybe somebody had warned about this but I didn't read it. This is only about the blog name. Since the blog URL is maintained, visitors still come from referral links on forums and discussion board therefore the blog is only injured and need some cure before it could back to a healthy state. If you change the URL, you are actually killing the blog and it is then become a new born and need to start surviving from the start. If you don't feed it right, it will not grow big enough to feed you back.


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